Sunday May 28, 2023

It’s the Eye Contact, Right?

Did you know firing by email is quickly becoming the preferred choice for employers?  It’s almost too much to believe, but there it is – and it’s true.  This begs the question, what kind of company leader would be so uncomfortable with what surely he knew would be one of his responsibilities?  Is it legal and what do those who’ve “read” that they were fired have to say about it?

“First, it is legal”, says attorney and president A. Harrison Barnes.  “In fact, many employers who do use email as a way of letting employees go say it serves several purposes, including documenting the exact moment the employee was fired”, Barnes continues.  Still, employers need to be careful with focusing too much on the “exact moment” since the argument could be made that an employee hadn’t checked his email over the weekend and therefore, was still employed and entitled to whatever benefits he might be claiming.

But what do you do if that’s not acceptable to you?  Can you request a meeting with your manager?  “Absolutely”, says the founder.  Many employees want the opportunity to do the right thing; not for the employer, but for themselves.  “It’s that peace of mind knowing you did the right thing, that you rose above the less than ethical manner your employer chose to follow”.   Barnes does recommend, however, that you not schedule the meeting when you’re still angry from the initial realization.  Don’t take the opportunity to ridicule the employer (trust us – they already know they took the cowardly way – they’ll never admit it, but they know).

You want to be sure to take that final conversation and use it to your advantage.  Ask your now-former employer for any feedback that might serve you well in the future, says A. Harrison Barnes.   It might leave a better taste in your mouth if you know it’s not because of a shortage on your end.  “Knowing the decision to terminate you was due to budgetary concerns and not your performance will go a long way in soothing your bruised ego”, says Barnes.

If your boss is hesitant about meeting with you, consult your company’s human resources department with your request.  Odds are, they’re going to honor the employer’s refusal, but again, you’re doing this for you and your own peace of mind.  Finally, if all your efforts of a face to face are denied, you can always sit down and compose your own email.  Be sure to copy it to the relevant people, such as human resources, and remember – whatever you write is there forever, so choose your words wisely, again, be sure your anger has subsided and be the bigger person.  Walking away knowing you took the high road is enough to provide satisfaction and confidence in your next job search.  Years from now, you’re going to think back on that moment and say to yourself, “I was the bigger person”

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Changing Your Image

Five years ago, you began your career as a 23 year old graduate.  Not quite as mature as you could be, but a hard worker and determined to forge your path.  Now, you’re planning a wedding with your fiancé, thinking long term – retirement, 401(k), etc. and what do you know – you were just promoted!  Now you need to change your image.  A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and president says he’s seen many young men and women go from always working for the weekend to a refined, polished and incredible executive in just a few short years.  Here’s what he suggests if you’re ready to go from a more grown up approach to your life as a whole:

• If you haven’t already begun to do so, now’s a great time to change your wardrobe.  Even if you’ve always dressed well for the office, complete with well pressed khakis and a casual tie, consider investing a few quality tailor made suits.  This tells the world you’re read to be taken seriously, says A. Harrison Barnes.
• Pay attention to the details.  A trip to the hair dresser more often will go a long way in your image.  For women, save the whimsical barrettes and fluorescent hair pulls for the weekend.  Choose a cleaner and more polished hairstyle.
• Lose your “party girl” image.  Abandon the “company prankster” image, too, says the founder.   Also, another trait that could be holding you back is always being the one who flirts with the new receptionists or the new clients.  Actually, that’s something you should never do anyway.
• Remember that your office is not: a place to catch up on your sleep, your makeup room, your catch-all for last week’s newspapers or your collection of Vogue magazine.
• Your office is, however, home to your career and your future.  Treat it as such.
• It’s time to retire those photos you have scattered on your desk, too.  These are the ones that show you with a mixed drink in one hand and a cold beer in the other, surrounded by other partyers during New Year’s Eve.  Instead, opt for the professional photos of you and your fiancé.
• This one might hurt, but it’s important: it’s time to update your Facebook and other social medial areas with a more grown up approach.  After all, it is your reputation and these are the times when there is no differentiation between your professional reputation and your personal reputation – they’re all intertwined, says Barnes.

These are just a few of the suggestions the founder makes.  If you’re not already doing so, now’s the time to start thinking about doing more than you’re asked and learning the importance of knowing what to expect in terms of changes coming up with your client’s work or even within your own company.  It’s these small nuances that will make a big difference in the boss’s eyes.  Stay focused, move forward and before long, your image will be one to be proud of.

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Twitter Feeds You Should be Subscribing to if You’re a Nurse

If you’re not already hooked on Twitter, you’re missing a lot of great opportunities.  These are opportunities that could help your career.  It’s not surprising people are hesitant about tweeting, re-tweeting and who they’d follow; it’s can easily become time consuming – but we can no longer deny the power of this social networking site.  It’s actually quite easy to incorporate Twitter into your life without getting taken in and losing so much time in the process.  And no, not everyone tweets every five minutes about what they’re having for lunch or asking fellow tweeters about which color they should tell their manicurist to use.   There are far more people on Twitter who are using it for networking and passing on valuable information, says founder A. Harrison Barnes.  Before you head off to our recommendations, your first stop should be the Hound_JobSearch page – it’s where you’re going to find the latest in nursing career opportunities.

If you’re considering going into nursing or have already entered the medical workforce, here are ten Twitter feeds you should be following.  Some include humor that only a nurse can understand and others offer valuable resources for the medical field as a whole.

If you’re a recent nursing school graduate, you should really consider following mrsmc.  You’ll definitely be able to relate to the ups and downs shared by recently graduated nurse.

Looking for perspective tossed with a bit of humor?  Follow zaga.  She’s not only an exceptional nurse, but she also focuses much of her career on grief counseling.  She has a lot of sage advice for nurses in every field, says A. Harrison Barnes.

Step outside the nursing box and follow shreela.  Everything from her Wal Mart discovery of a spider bit kit to hurricanes (she lives in south Texas) to IBS, she covers the bases with a funny disposition.

If you’re an advocate of natural healing remedies, then nurseforhealth is the feed you should be following.  For this tweeter, it’s all about taking responsibility for your health and making your own sound decisions after consulting with a doctor, of course.

We love hillarygayle.  A mom, nursing student and one who appreciates photography, this is a must-follow for nursing students.

There is tons of great information for everyone who chooses the medical field in the medxcentral feeds.  Great choice to follow, says the founder.

Want the latest from the American Journal of Nursing?  Follow AmJNurs for all the breaking news in the nursing world.

Every medical professional should also follow mayoclinic.  It’s sort of a “go to” place for nurses, physicians and even families.

Combining technology with patient care is the focus of the connectedhealth feed.

Finally, from the Department of Health and Human Services, you can follow womenshealth on all things related to, well…women’s health.

And there you have it – Twitter can be an important tool that can be used in any career and as evidenced by these tweets – keep in mind there are thousands dedicated to the nursing field – your resources can come to you in quick 140 character feeds.  And remember, your most important Twitter feed is Hound_JobSearch.  This is where you’re going to find the most resources in your job hunt!

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Washington Mutual Trial Date Set for November, 2010

A Delaware judge has set November 1, 2010 for the trial date regarding Washington Mutual’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  A. Harrison Barnes, lawyer and president, says Judge Mary Walrath is expecting a report from the examiner appointed to investigate the events leading up to the 2008 bankruptcy filing no later than September 7.

On Tuesday, August 25, 2010, Judge Walrath heard from lawyers associated with the case and at that time, announced a confirmation hearing regarding WaMu’s plan for reorganization would also occur on November 1.  Some folks who are in the know say the initial hearing could potentially change the course for the remainder of the hearing.

A near-100 page complaint was filed against WaMu and JPMorgan Chase earlier this year.  Now the defendants, which include the merged companies, were said to have “colluded to deceive and then deprive” the plaintiffs, Brown Rudnick, of nearly $1 billion in investments.  The federal government has also been named as a collective defendant as well.   As A. Harrison Barnes explains, the securities were purchased with the understanding that if Washington Mutual became one of the failed financial institutions, the preferred trust shares would be converted into what’s called WMI preferred stock.  When the bank failed, the plaintiffs allege attempts were made by the defendants to transfer all of these securities, worth around $4 billion, to JPMorgan, which was in the process of acquiring the defunct WaMu.

As the founder continues, the only certainty is that these claims must be addressed and decided before any other issues are dealt with in the courtroom.  Jeremy Coffee, who represents Brown Rudnick, is quoted as having said, “It’s a $4 billion issue.  If we’re right, there’s $4 billion less in the estate and I don’t think the plan goes forward”.  Indeed not.  This will potentially affect the bankruptcy hearing in its entirety and has the potential to, in essence, eliminate the need for any future hearings.

The WMI lead counsel, Brian Rosen, of Weil, Gotshal & Manges, has offered no comment up to this point.  Barnes says this has the potential to become a historical case that will be used in law classrooms for years to come.  It has the potential to shape every future lawyer’s chosen specialty.  There’s no denying that all eyes will be on Delaware in the coming months as this case unfolds and unravels – likely at warp speed.  Judge Walrath has a reputation for a “no nonsense” approach when it comes to the law and she likely will levy these proceedings with as little disruption and unnecessary “baggage” as possible.

So was the $4 billion wrongly appropriated?  It’s a toss up – many legal minds say these monies were most certainly misappropriated, while others disagree and take the stance of, “Well, maybe…but maybe not”.  Time will tell.

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Another Memo? Really?

Many companies rely on “the memo” to relay information that they either don’t have time to commit to a companywide meeting or for issues they believe can be solved with the written word. But what happens when your company CEO begins to rely too heavily on memos that don’t serve their purpose? Usually, it’s the human resources department that’s tasked with ensuring the memos hit their marks, especially with things like tardiness, absenteeism and even employee parking, says founder A. Harrison Barnes.

For those who are frequently absent or tardy, it’s likely someone from human resources could better provide a solution than any memo anyway. For instance, there may be an employee who’s late a couple times a week. He’s not said anything to anyone, but the manager is becoming frustrated. Instead of speaking to the employee directly, he sends out a memo reminding employees that the workday begins at 8 a.m. A. Harrison Barnes says it’s often an employee has a legitimate reason for running late. In fact, if it’s a medical reason or other similar problem, there’s a good chance he’s protected under any number of employment laws, such as Americans with Disabilities Act or Family Medical Leave Act. A human resources employee will know this and is often able to quickly uncover the problem after meeting with the employee. “Too many times, managers and other company leaders assume an employee is continually late due to a sense of entitlement or that he plays by his own rules; often, though, it’s not anything like that”, says the founder.

One company, after sending a woman to human resources to deal with her twenty minute late arrival time on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, learned that she was dropping off her husband at his twice-weekly physical therapy appointment required after being injured on the job. She would return on her lunch break to pick him up and bring him home. Naturally, it was wearing on the employee, but as she stated, “I didn’t think explaining my situation would have made a difference”. Turns out, human resources was able to modify her work schedule so that she didn’t even have to come in on Tuesdays until after lunch. This allowed her to be present during one of her husband’s physical therapy sessions and she was able to learn how to care for his injuries as they began to heal. The three and half hours she lost were made up on Saturday mornings. It turned out to be a win-win for both the company and the employee. Not to mention, the company avoided accusations of not meeting the law in terms of FMLA.

Sometimes, says Barnes, a memo is exactly what’s needed; however, there are those times when a face to face meeting yields the kind of results that benefits all involved. Without taking the time to ask a few questions, odds are, you’re missing out on the underlying factors – and the opportunity to do the right thing.

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Architecture Jobs in Switzerland

Architecture jobs are some of the most rewarding conventional jobs you can find in any country. Architects are highly paid all over the world. If you are looking for architecture jobs in Switzerland, you can use any option from job sites, employer websites, recruiters’ websites or even ShortTask. The website is an online platform that helps employers to post their online jobs virtual jobs to be done online through their database. For this purpose employers have to register as Seekers with the website. Once these jobs are posted on the database, they are there to be seen and accepted by users all around the world. Architecture jobs in Switzerland like drawing sketches, front view or top view of buildings, preparing general sketches, designs, interior design etc can be very well done over the Internet. This is a great opportunity for people who are looking for Architecture jobs in Switzerland. People can also accept tasks posted from employers in other countries.

Candidates looking for architecture jobs in Switzerland may be having any qualification from a four-year degree in architectural or civil engineering. Excellent academic credentials are essential for all engineering jobs. Additionally, some jobs might require skills in AutoCAD or other applications that help in preparation of drawings or 3D models. Candidates can go ahead and register with ShortTask to get the most from jobs online.

Anybody from students, housewives, professionals or senior citizens can go ahead and work at ShortTask. The payment process is simple and what you have to do is just complete and submit the tasks with acceptable or best quality. If the employer likes your work, you can earn as much as you want. The more tasks you complete or the more you work, more are your earnings. There are no ceilings to earnings from ShortTask. Candidates who are from other countries can also accept these tasks. ShortTask also allows employers or seekers to choose specific users to do specific tasks and put users in the preferred solvers list, so that no other users can work on these tasks. So better quality of work you provide to the seekers, you can make sure that you always find great tasks.

Switzerland Job Opportunities, Architecture Jobs Abroad

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Tips for Teens: Finding a Holiday Job

We’re nearing the end of summer, which is traditionally the time of year teens are out in droves, looking for part time jobs that will allow them spending money and gas money in those warm summer months. Now, though, teens are preparing for the new school year, football games and cheerleader tryouts. That can only mean one thing: the holidays are nearing and soon, those same teens are going to be looking for part time work so that they can have their own money to spend over the holiday breaks.

Our own founder and career coach, A. Harrison Barnes, has a few tips that teens can use this season, but that will serve them well throughout their adult lives.

Appearances Count! Contrary to what your buddies are telling you, a bit of an extra effort is often the deciding factor for those looking to hire temporary help. “They want to know a teen is mature enough to recognize the importance of the job interview”, says the founder. If you don’t appreciate the interview for what it is, the business owner will assume you’re not going to appreciate the job. Just because you’re interviewing for a holiday warehouse job doesn’t mean you have to show up looking like you just left a warehouse after a long day unloading trucks.

Ask for Help! Ask Mom or Dad to help you put together a resume. It may not be required to fill out an application, but it’s a good way to understand how important your resume will be later on. Plus, it makes a great impression. Even if you are looking for your first job, it’s good to allow a resume to sort of “introduce” you. Have you hit the honor roll every year? Include it – it shows dedication. The star quarterback? Include it – it shows ability to work as a team and desire to succeed. Volunteer at the human society? Include it – it shows compassion.

Think Past the Money! Remember you’re gaining far more than the money. If you think about it, this might be one of the first “adult” responsibilities you take on. Show everyone you’re up for the challenge – and who knows, you just might learn a thing or two about yourself, says A. Harrison Barnes.

Mind Your Manners! Be gracious, use your manners and don’t forget to thank the interviewer for his time. You’re not the only one looking for a temporary job, after all. The little things make a huge difference – even after you finish school and begin building your career. These are all things you would be told if you were sitting in front of A. Harrison Barnes and he was counseling you in your career.

Finally, Barnes recommends you be honest. If you can’t commit to five evenings a week because of your academic responsibilities, tell the business owner. It might be a deal breaker, but then again, it might not. Regardless, painting yourself into a corner is not beneficial for anyone, especially yourself.

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Representative Maxine Walters Now Formally Accused

Monday, August 9th was no doubt a difficult day for the California democrat Maxine Walters. The Ethics Committee made the accusations formal and have charged her with three counts of ethics wrongdoing. Among those charges, she’s being accused of accepting favors for a family member. The Committee on Standards of Official Conduct means a trial will likely be held and will include eight members of that make up the ethics committee, says A. Harrison Barnes, lawyer and founder.

For the past ten terms, Waters, a Los Angeles native, holds a powerful position. She’s a part of the Financial Services Committee, which promptly denied her request to dismiss those charges she now faces. She’s denied any wrongdoing. The committee has determined there is “substantial reason to believe that a violation of the Code of Official Conduct, or a law, rule, regulation or other standard of conduct applicable to the performance of official duties or the discharge of official responsibilities has occurred”.

One of the charges has to do with her husband’s employer. She is accused of requesting federal help for the bank her husband owned stock in and was a member of the board. This is definitely not good news for Democrats, says A. Harrison Barnes. Another representative, Charles Rangel of New York is currently facing at least 13 charges. They include a failure to disclose income and other assets as well as accusations of delaying federal tax payments and improver use of a subsidized New York apartment that was used for his campaign office. He too has denied any wrongdoing.

An advocate of assisting Haiti’s recovery after a devastating tsunami earlier this year, it appears she will continue to focus her energies on the Six Month Review, currently being held with the Congressional Black Caucus. She is also focusing much of her attention on the Haitian elections.

On her website, she released a statement that reads in part:

“No benefit, no improper action, no failure to disclose, no one influenced: no case”.

“I have not violated any House rules. Therefore, I simply will not be forced to admit something I did not do and instead have chosen to respond to charges made the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct in a public hearing…the record will show that in advocating on behalf of minority banks, neither my office nor I benefited in any way, engaged in improper action or influenced anyone…”

She concludes with:

Although I am not convinced that the process for investigating and examining House ethics cases is fair, I welcome the opportunity to show my constituents and the American public that the accusations…are frivolous and unfounded”.

This will surely be a political battle that will continue through the fall months as all legal and political eyes will remain focused on the investigation, says A. Harrison Barnes. If she is found guilty, it could potentially further eradicate public confidence in a political system some say is already broken. She has not stated whether she will be paying for legal counsel from her own funds of if taxpayer dollars will foot the bill.

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Careful with What You Post on YouTube

Few, if any of us, haven’t found ourselves looking for hilarious videos on YouTube. From bridal parties doing a jig down the aisle to friends filming unsuspecting buddies dancing and singing to the radio in front of a mirror, there are times when YouTube is good for the soul. That said, there are certain things you can post that can cost you a job. A. Harrison Barnes, attorney and founder of, says there are a few misconceptions about what freedom of speech rights actually cover and filming yourself doing something illegal or unethical might not fall under your Constitutional rights.

As incredible as technology is in contemporary day, that’s not license to disregard the law or common sense in an effort to make your mark. Filming yourself, or having someone else film you, as you participate in bad behavior can easily get you hauled in front of your personnel department’s head honcho. And, says the founder, if you think it’ll never land on the boss’s laptop, think again. All it takes is for one person to have ulterior motives and before you know it, the very one you impressed at last week’s staff meeting is now the one wondering why he ever even hired you.

While we value the freedom to support any political party and practice any religion we choose in this country, the fact is, you can easily get a video flagged as inappropriate. If you think a video is bad enough landing in the wrong hands, try sensing the difference in a flagged video landing in the wrong hands. Any over the top stances you have are fine, but putting it all out there for speculation is inviting trouble. It’s true it’s a fine line with employers and what they can and can’t use for just cause; however, employment lawyers across the country are staying busy these days with these kinds of cases. One case is all it takes for a new pattern to be established in a court of law.

Remember, your employer has stockholders and clients to answer to and if you’re viewed as dead weight by one single client or shareholder, you can easily become the “has been that never really quite was”. It’s a huge gamble, says A. Harrison Barnes. So what’s best left off the internet? Sexual videos, racist, animal abuse and those that portray radical views that can be construed as dangerous, among others. Finally, the last thing you ever want to do is become the star of your very own video at the neighbor’s party where you make fun of the boss or the company you work for. Your employer could easily – and rightfully – cite confidentiality issues as the reason for your termination.

Barnes suggests keeping the uploaded YouTube videos to catching life’s funny and unpredictable moments that don’t target anything politically incorrect or certainly, anything that can cause problems for you at work. No joke’s worth losing your stock options and position.

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A Lawyer’s Work is Never Done

Ask any lawyer, and specifically, a criminal lawyer, if he has many uneventful days and odds are, you’ll hear something along the lines of, “Absolutely not!” A. Harrison Barnes, a renowned attorney and also the founder of says one of the best aspects of practicing law in America is the unpredictability of each day. “It’s definitely one of the reasons people attain their degrees, so that they may practice law in an unpredictable world and the icing on the cake is when they are able to use their skills and education to make positive changes in their communities”, says Barnes. If it’s true that life is an ever evolving series of lessons, then a lawyer has many opportunities to expand his world. Such as the case with the lawyers who will attempt to represent a neo-Nazi accused of killing a prison guard during an escape attempt are now discovering.

The accused has several offensive tattoos, including swastikas and the words “skin head” tattooed on different areas of his face. The attorneys, concerned about their client not receiving a fair trial, are attempting to ensure those tattoos splayed across this man remain covered during his trial slated to begin soon in Salt Lake City. The founder says this is one way an attorney will attempt to protect his client from preconceived ideas of guilt or innocence from the jury. No mention has been made on how the lawyers will attempt to cover the ink.

Not many attorneys could have anticipated dynamics such as these when they graduated with their law degree, eager to make their mark on the world, says A. Harrison Barnes. And, too, a young attorney isn’t likely to discover a job opening that requires an ability to get creative with a client’s aggressive and difficult to understand thought processes, yet that’s exactly what the best attorneys can successfully pull off.

This prisoner was already serving time for another crime when he took advantage of a split second when a guard was unshackling him so that he could receive medical attention. He shot and killed the guard, Stephen Anderson. The prisoner then attempted to escape, but failed.

If you’ve ever wondered what life as an attorney would be like and are considering choosing the legal profession, there are many avenues you can pursue. Whether it’s criminal law, tax law or family law, there will always be job opportunities within the legal field. As Barnes says, “It’s definitely a rewarding career choice and the sacrifices you’ll make will be worth it once you’ve received that license to practice and are sitting across the desk from your first client”.

Visit for more information on all things related to the legal world. You’ll discover job openings, article databases and even help with creating the perfect legal resume.

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