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If looking into manager careers, the art of delegation must be understood.  An exceptional manager understands when and how to delegate responsibilities to other people.  This can be uncomfortable and risky to many people, but successful manager careers cannot be successful without knowing how to do this properly.

A manager learns the tasks that need to be done, and has to take those tasks and give them to the right person.  This will give the manager more time to do the tasks that only they can accomplish.  Many managers have a problem with control.  They want to make sure that the work gets done, and done properly so they try to do it all on their own.  This does not make a manager a better manager and instead can lead to being too busy to do your own work.  The stress and the demand overload is not worth it, a good manager must learn to delegate.

Who do you delegate to?  Look around at the people you can delegate tasks.  Find the people who are busy.  These are the people to you can effectively delegate.  This might not make sense, but these people who are busy are busy because they are working hard.  If they are not working hard, then you may worry that your work will never get done.  If you find people who aren’t busy, you can delegate your less pressing items to them, but you may worry about how they will be done.

Ideally, you would want a full staff below you that is always busy, and always working hard.  You want to get everyone working hard.  The people that are always busy are the ones that you have given these tasks to, will most likely be done.

It’s crucial to always follow through when you delegate a task.  Keep a task list to go back and make sure the task has been completed, and completed correctly.  This is another task that you can assign to someone else too.  You don’t have to be the person that follows up on the tasks you have delegated.  You do need to make sure that all tasks have been completed.  Always follow up or have someone follow up for you.

When a task has been delegated, it must be clearly communicated to the person.  Make sure that the person understands what needs to be done, and when it is due by.  It’s vital to always be clear with full direction of what is expected.  Never delegate a task without making sure the employee is capable of following through with the task.  You are ultimately responsible for most tasks, but always make sure the employee that didn’t follow through with the task is also held responsible.

Don’t be afraid to delegate! The art of delegation will help you rise to the top in your manager careers.  It’s a critical skill to learn and utilize in the field.  It’s a skill you will take with you everywhere you go.  Practice the skill, by using it.  Find the right person for each task, make sure the task is thoroughly understood, and always follow up to make sure the task has been completed, and completed correctly.  You will see your career explode with just this one skill.

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