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Nurse jobs salary is very satisfactory in USA as there is a constant shortage of good nurses. But there are also these holistic nursing programs which are intended for people who have graduated from a nationally accredited baccalaureate nursing program and possess RN license from the state in which they practice. Such Holistic programs provide a combination of knowledge and skills from conventional nursing combined with holistic medicine. Holistic nurses address the patient as a “whole” and not just the disease. Holistic nurse jobs bridge the conventional and holistic medicine. They get trained in Western health care and learn hands-on interactions with patients.

Areas included in holistic nursing programs

There are different programs for normal nurse jobs salary. Areas included for holistic nusing are pathophysiology, theories in holistic nursing, pharmacology, stress management, and integrative and complementary medicine theories and practicles.
Hospital jobs salary is different from the holistic nurses. Holistic nursing programs teach integrating complementary and alternative medicine and administration of individualized care and treatment for patients. They instruct nurses how to give undivided attention by being with the patient emotionally and psychologically during the course of treatment. These go on to become the functions of a holistic nurse. Nurses with a desire to help people get better take up this career. Other functions include attending to all human needs and giving spiritual support to patient.

The concept of holistic nursing

Holistic nurses are people who sacrifice nurse jobs salary to a great extent and facilitate healing process. They help a patient in returning to a state of wholeness where body, mind, and spirit are integrated and the patient attains deeper levels of personal understanding. Many enter nursing as healthcare jobs salary is good. But then they realise that there is something over and above money and that is the need to help people and this is what attracts them towards holistic nursing. These programs teach facilitating and administering self-healing methods. Practitioners of this course understand self-awareness and preventive healthcare. This field of healthcare stresses on to compassionate healing techniques which use acupressure, medical massage, Herbology, aromatherapy, hypnosis, Chinese Medicine, guided imagery, Reiki, healing touch and various empathetic healing methods. These techniques help enhance conventional nursing techniques.

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