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Nanodentistry is said to be the future of dentistry wherein all procedures are performed using devices based on nanotechnology. Nanorobots may take place of Dental assistant employment. Teeth implant will be possible in just one single sitting using nanomedicine and biotechnology and that too with ultimate correctness. Diagnoses will be done using smaller machine tools and nano devices. Such devices will be capable to diagnose a problem and give solution shortest span of time. This all will happen within another 10-20 years from now. Nanodentistry is also referred to as robotic dentistry which uses nanorobots. Dentirobots will help destroy harmful bacteria on daily basis which will help in decreasing tooth decay, cavities and gum problems. Tooth repair, orthodontics, sensitivity gum repair, cosmetic procedures, tooth renaturalization etc. will become possible with this technology.

Technological changes that come along Nanodentistry
In future, dentist employment opportunities may demand a degree in nanorobotics. This is going to be true soon. Nurse employments will demand know-how in handling nanomaterials and nanorobotics. Dental assistant employment is going to become hi-tech in real sense when this all happens. For inducing local anaesthesia dentist will instill millions of active micrometer sized dental nanorobots in the patient’s mouth. These nanorobots will then reach the dentin, and enter the dentinal tubule holes to proceed towards the pulp for further treatments. For orthodontic treatment orthodontic nanorobots will manipulate the periodontal tissues which will allow a fast and painless tooth rotating, straightening, and vertical repositioning in minutes. Even natural tooth maintenance will become much easier as the appearance and durability of teeth will be improved by replacing enamel layers with artificial materials which are much stronger than the natural coating.

Alternative businesses
Making smaller machine tools, microscopic instruments and manufacturing tools such as nano machines, nano robots, and nano devices is going to be the top most lucrative business in future. Dental assistant employment will become as prestigious as the dentist himself. There will be times when the dentist will not be present for the treatment and leave the job to the assistant and the dentrirobots of his clinic. Dentirobots can identify and destroy pathogenic bacteria from the plaque allowing harmless oral micro flora to survive in the ecosystem. Conventional tooth decay and gingival disease are going to disappear when such dental hygiene will be maintained on daily basis.

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