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Ad jobs are in great demand these days as more and more people want to pursue ad careers. The recession has proved costly for businesses coast to coast as their sales revenues have taken a beating. Companies want to get back on track fast with the help of targeted ad campaigns. To get an ad job in these times requires being motivated and creative. To acquire a job, you have to get your priorities right.

Research online

Your first step would be to do some real good research online to sort out the best opportunities. Short list ad companies and ad agencies from the internet and check what type of openings they have. You can begin at any position depending on your skills and experience. Getting a break at an ad agency requires creating a great resume that would ensure you get a call for the dream job right away.

Start off as an intern

Your second step would be to start off as an intern if you are planning to embark on an ad career. Ad agencies always sort out interns so that they can train them up for the challenges ahead. Each agency has a specific task cut out and they have to fine tune their clients for their clients.

Be prepared to work in several areas

Each campaign is also tailored for particular companies. You can also work in various areas of the company to brighten your future prospects in the ad world.

Contact TV and radio stations

Contact TV and radio stations that regularly offer opportunities to ad pros. They hire employees for writing typical commercials and if you are good at it, then, go for it. Radio stations tailor shows for different companies selling a wide array of products or services.  Even with very little experience, you can break in as you would be trained on the job. Getting the first break can be a challenge, but once you are in, there would be no looking back.


Show that you can deliver. This attitude comes in handy during interviews as you would be grilled and given real life cases and campaigns to study and offer suggestions. You have to think on your feet and out of the box if you want to succeed in ad jobs.

Get your priorities right

During an ad job search, you should have your priorities cut out in advance. Your resume should be a mirror of what you are and it should contain all relevant details straight away.

Blast resume

After creating your resume, look for a resume blasting agency to reach more employers quickly. Resume blasting agencies will also help you upload your resume and include points that you may have missed out on. You can also chip in some information you missed out which could prove vital for your job. Ad jobs, in a way, are all about passion which you may have nurtured for long without knowing that it could help in shaping an advertising career in ad companies.

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