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If you’re not already hooked on Twitter, you’re missing a lot of great opportunities.  These are opportunities that could help your career.  It’s not surprising people are hesitant about tweeting, re-tweeting and who they’d follow; it’s can easily become time consuming – but we can no longer deny the power of this social networking site.  It’s actually quite easy to incorporate Twitter into your life without getting taken in and losing so much time in the process.  And no, not everyone tweets every five minutes about what they’re having for lunch or asking fellow tweeters about which color they should tell their manicurist to use.   There are far more people on Twitter who are using it for networking and passing on valuable information, says founder A. Harrison Barnes.  Before you head off to our recommendations, your first stop should be the Hound_JobSearch page – it’s where you’re going to find the latest in nursing career opportunities.

If you’re considering going into nursing or have already entered the medical workforce, here are ten Twitter feeds you should be following.  Some include humor that only a nurse can understand and others offer valuable resources for the medical field as a whole.

If you’re a recent nursing school graduate, you should really consider following mrsmc.  You’ll definitely be able to relate to the ups and downs shared by recently graduated nurse.

Looking for perspective tossed with a bit of humor?  Follow zaga.  She’s not only an exceptional nurse, but she also focuses much of her career on grief counseling.  She has a lot of sage advice for nurses in every field, says A. Harrison Barnes.

Step outside the nursing box and follow shreela.  Everything from her Wal Mart discovery of a spider bit kit to hurricanes (she lives in south Texas) to IBS, she covers the bases with a funny disposition.

If you’re an advocate of natural healing remedies, then nurseforhealth is the feed you should be following.  For this tweeter, it’s all about taking responsibility for your health and making your own sound decisions after consulting with a doctor, of course.

We love hillarygayle.  A mom, nursing student and one who appreciates photography, this is a must-follow for nursing students.

There is tons of great information for everyone who chooses the medical field in the medxcentral feeds.  Great choice to follow, says the founder.

Want the latest from the American Journal of Nursing?  Follow AmJNurs for all the breaking news in the nursing world.

Every medical professional should also follow mayoclinic.  It’s sort of a “go to” place for nurses, physicians and even families.

Combining technology with patient care is the focus of the connectedhealth feed.

Finally, from the Department of Health and Human Services, you can follow womenshealth on all things related to, well…women’s health.

And there you have it – Twitter can be an important tool that can be used in any career and as evidenced by these tweets – keep in mind there are thousands dedicated to the nursing field – your resources can come to you in quick 140 character feeds.  And remember, your most important Twitter feed is Hound_JobSearch.  This is where you’re going to find the most resources in your job hunt!

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