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Did you know firing by email is quickly becoming the preferred choice for employers?  It’s almost too much to believe, but there it is – and it’s true.  This begs the question, what kind of company leader would be so uncomfortable with what surely he knew would be one of his responsibilities?  Is it legal and what do those who’ve “read” that they were fired have to say about it?

“First, it is legal”, says attorney and president A. Harrison Barnes.  “In fact, many employers who do use email as a way of letting employees go say it serves several purposes, including documenting the exact moment the employee was fired”, Barnes continues.  Still, employers need to be careful with focusing too much on the “exact moment” since the argument could be made that an employee hadn’t checked his email over the weekend and therefore, was still employed and entitled to whatever benefits he might be claiming.

But what do you do if that’s not acceptable to you?  Can you request a meeting with your manager?  “Absolutely”, says the founder.  Many employees want the opportunity to do the right thing; not for the employer, but for themselves.  “It’s that peace of mind knowing you did the right thing, that you rose above the less than ethical manner your employer chose to follow”.   Barnes does recommend, however, that you not schedule the meeting when you’re still angry from the initial realization.  Don’t take the opportunity to ridicule the employer (trust us – they already know they took the cowardly way – they’ll never admit it, but they know).

You want to be sure to take that final conversation and use it to your advantage.  Ask your now-former employer for any feedback that might serve you well in the future, says A. Harrison Barnes.   It might leave a better taste in your mouth if you know it’s not because of a shortage on your end.  “Knowing the decision to terminate you was due to budgetary concerns and not your performance will go a long way in soothing your bruised ego”, says Barnes.

If your boss is hesitant about meeting with you, consult your company’s human resources department with your request.  Odds are, they’re going to honor the employer’s refusal, but again, you’re doing this for you and your own peace of mind.  Finally, if all your efforts of a face to face are denied, you can always sit down and compose your own email.  Be sure to copy it to the relevant people, such as human resources, and remember – whatever you write is there forever, so choose your words wisely, again, be sure your anger has subsided and be the bigger person.  Walking away knowing you took the high road is enough to provide satisfaction and confidence in your next job search.  Years from now, you’re going to think back on that moment and say to yourself, “I was the bigger person”

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