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We’re nearing the end of summer, which is traditionally the time of year teens are out in droves, looking for part time jobs that will allow them spending money and gas money in those warm summer months. Now, though, teens are preparing for the new school year, football games and cheerleader tryouts. That can only mean one thing: the holidays are nearing and soon, those same teens are going to be looking for part time work so that they can have their own money to spend over the holiday breaks.

Our own founder and career coach, A. Harrison Barnes, has a few tips that teens can use this season, but that will serve them well throughout their adult lives.

Appearances Count! Contrary to what your buddies are telling you, a bit of an extra effort is often the deciding factor for those looking to hire temporary help. “They want to know a teen is mature enough to recognize the importance of the job interview”, says the founder. If you don’t appreciate the interview for what it is, the business owner will assume you’re not going to appreciate the job. Just because you’re interviewing for a holiday warehouse job doesn’t mean you have to show up looking like you just left a warehouse after a long day unloading trucks.

Ask for Help! Ask Mom or Dad to help you put together a resume. It may not be required to fill out an application, but it’s a good way to understand how important your resume will be later on. Plus, it makes a great impression. Even if you are looking for your first job, it’s good to allow a resume to sort of “introduce” you. Have you hit the honor roll every year? Include it – it shows dedication. The star quarterback? Include it – it shows ability to work as a team and desire to succeed. Volunteer at the human society? Include it – it shows compassion.

Think Past the Money! Remember you’re gaining far more than the money. If you think about it, this might be one of the first “adult” responsibilities you take on. Show everyone you’re up for the challenge – and who knows, you just might learn a thing or two about yourself, says A. Harrison Barnes.

Mind Your Manners! Be gracious, use your manners and don’t forget to thank the interviewer for his time. You’re not the only one looking for a temporary job, after all. The little things make a huge difference – even after you finish school and begin building your career. These are all things you would be told if you were sitting in front of A. Harrison Barnes and he was counseling you in your career.

Finally, Barnes recommends you be honest. If you can’t commit to five evenings a week because of your academic responsibilities, tell the business owner. It might be a deal breaker, but then again, it might not. Regardless, painting yourself into a corner is not beneficial for anyone, especially yourself.

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