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Ask any lawyer, and specifically, a criminal lawyer, if he has many uneventful days and odds are, you’ll hear something along the lines of, “Absolutely not!” A. Harrison Barnes, a renowned attorney and also the founder of says one of the best aspects of practicing law in America is the unpredictability of each day. “It’s definitely one of the reasons people attain their degrees, so that they may practice law in an unpredictable world and the icing on the cake is when they are able to use their skills and education to make positive changes in their communities”, says Barnes. If it’s true that life is an ever evolving series of lessons, then a lawyer has many opportunities to expand his world. Such as the case with the lawyers who will attempt to represent a neo-Nazi accused of killing a prison guard during an escape attempt are now discovering.

The accused has several offensive tattoos, including swastikas and the words “skin head” tattooed on different areas of his face. The attorneys, concerned about their client not receiving a fair trial, are attempting to ensure those tattoos splayed across this man remain covered during his trial slated to begin soon in Salt Lake City. The founder says this is one way an attorney will attempt to protect his client from preconceived ideas of guilt or innocence from the jury. No mention has been made on how the lawyers will attempt to cover the ink.

Not many attorneys could have anticipated dynamics such as these when they graduated with their law degree, eager to make their mark on the world, says A. Harrison Barnes. And, too, a young attorney isn’t likely to discover a job opening that requires an ability to get creative with a client’s aggressive and difficult to understand thought processes, yet that’s exactly what the best attorneys can successfully pull off.

This prisoner was already serving time for another crime when he took advantage of a split second when a guard was unshackling him so that he could receive medical attention. He shot and killed the guard, Stephen Anderson. The prisoner then attempted to escape, but failed.

If you’ve ever wondered what life as an attorney would be like and are considering choosing the legal profession, there are many avenues you can pursue. Whether it’s criminal law, tax law or family law, there will always be job opportunities within the legal field. As Barnes says, “It’s definitely a rewarding career choice and the sacrifices you’ll make will be worth it once you’ve received that license to practice and are sitting across the desk from your first client”.

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