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The decision to leave the military and go back to civilian life can be a frightening one. A large number of people in the military went in fresh out of high school and have really never had to survive in the world as a civilian adult.

There can be any number of reasons for finally making that decision but it ultimately boils down to either being dissatisfied with being in the military or being dissatisfied with not being a civilian. A Military Career takes its toll on people and at some point a person gets worn down and makes the call to leave. Conversely the added freedom that being a civilian comes with is an attractive thing.

There are a lot of safety nets and securities that the military provides but freedom is a powerful thing and when it calls it is hard to ignore. Usually the reason a person quits the military is a balance between those two things.

The transition period is a complicated thing and daunting to face alone. The world outside the military is a whole different beast and what is and isn’t acceptable gets turned on its head. The biggest difference you may find though is in finding a job. In the military you can be sure that if you are looking for something to do there’s always someone willing to assign you a task. Outside the military finding gainful employment is going to be the toughest job you’ll get.

Particularly at this point in time with record unemployment rates and a wounded Economy Jobs are tough to find and good jobs are even tougher. There are a few advantages to coming from a Military Career. Extra consideration when applying for certain positions can make the difference between landing the elusive career or not. Some resources to help find jobs are only available to veterans. But the reality is that even with a few extra points on your side employment is far from guaranteed.

The first priority one should have upon leaving the military is to set goals. Just because you want to take an extended vacation as soon as you are out doesn’t mean that you’re shooting yourself in the foot career wise. It can be part of the plan but make sure you implement it wisely and when you are marketing yourself later on, incorporate that vacation into why you should be hired. Let them know why you will be a better worker because of the trip not in spite of it.

The most important thing that you can take with you from your Military Training is the grit and determination to keep going until you finally succeed. For every story of someone getting their Dream Job when they are fresh out of the gate there are dozens of stories of people getting home and just sitting on their sofa. Eventually they are forced up and out the door but they have already done themselves a world of hurt by letting themselves slow down in the first place. Suddenly they have to start working twice as hard to get to the same place as someone who never stopped in the first place.

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