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Individuals who decide to plunge into a legal career usually make that decision relatively early, usually after high school, before the start of their undergraduate program. An undergraduate program could be selected on the basis of variety of reasons, some of which could be advice from friends or family, current trends, or just a random choice. However, a professional course selection is a decision that needs to be taken considering what you are good at and what stimulates you the most. Choosing a legal career is one such decision. A natural instinct, though an added incentive, can also be harvested with determination. The ability to think critically and exceptional interpersonal skills are very important for achieving success in law schools. A. Harrison Barnes has pointed out to the courses that one is required to undertake in a law school.

  • Business finance
  • Public speaking courses
  • Subjects based on general knowledge and history
  • Logic and/ or philosophy
  • Expository writing

The recent survey researches conducted revealed that it is not very easy to get into law schools. Several surveys and studies where it was revealed that the quality of applicants in the law schools is improving every year and there is amazingly strong competition with regards to bagging a seat in the best law schools in state.

A. Harrison Barnes the CEO of says that it is advisable that you send applications to 5 or 6 schools to the minimum and 8 to the maximum (An application to a law school costs $50). Make sure that the schools that you have sent applications to represent all strata of law schools. You can apply to 2 to 3 schools that are definitely within or below your range with regards to your LSAT score, another couple of schools whose median line of entry is a couple of points above your score and finally some to schools that you do not see a vague chance of entering. It is very important that you do this as selection criteria could depend on quite a few variables that pop up at the last minute and it is imperative that your application is available for the opportunity.

A. Harrison Barnes further points out that the law schools mainly adhere to two types of criteria while making admissions. The GPA score and the LSLAT score. However, LSAT and GPA tests are not the only criteria that a law school will take into consideration for admission. There are factors that are looked into by a law school that are as important as the LSAT and GPA tests such as your background, the standard of your undergraduate program, your grades in the undergraduate program, any volunteer work and such.

A. Harrison Barnes states the following points that may be helpful for getting admitted to a law school.

The quality of the admission profile can be enhanced by adding a personal statement to it. It must be a concise, well written statement conveying a story that is convincing. Your personal statement could be a crucial factor that could determine your entry into a law school after your LSAT would be your personal essay. This reflects the character and strengths of an aspiring student of law. When working on your personal essay, a lot of introspection and thought needs to be done. What is to be reflected in your essay is your sharp acumen in locating a problem, analyzing it, and fixing it. This is basically what you will be doing throughout your study in law school and career.

The law schools prefer students who actively participate in the extracurricular activities says A. Harrison Barnes. A lawyer must possess qualities like leadership skills, self motivation, support, advocacy, and communication skills. Integrity, intellectual curiosity and self discipline are some more traits an individual must possess before entering the career of law.

Most law schools also require a letter of recommendation. Others require two. You could ask the principal of your school or college to write you such a letter. If you have a good record, this could go a long way and your principal would only be too happy to do this for you. If you are already working, a letter of recommendation could be written by your boss. This is highly regarded by the evaluators and could boost up your chances of landing you that seat.

Work experience of course gives you an extra edge over others. You can demonstrate your commitment towards the career of law, if you have law related experience. A relatively long stint of 2 to 3 years in a law firm could earn you brownie points. You may have functioned in various positions previously that could be related to your legal career. You are required to aggressively take advantage of all the previous experience you have got to improve your profile.

Course works or advanced degrees can accentuate academic success in law schools up to a considerable degree. Community services and commitment towards the civilians could also play a role in getting you admission in good law schools. The sense of social responsibility shows your concern towards the society and your endeavor to bring about positive changes in the society.

Identify your weaknesses says A. Harrison Barnes, and try to overcome them. Try to overcome the social, cultural, financial, and physical limitations. These may help you to achieve success in your legal career and also better comprehend the past academic hurdles.

The past achievements and talents such as awards and certificates can enhance your chances of getting into good law schools. This in the long run will help you to pursue a bright legal career.

The Law School Admissions Council has stipulated that the law schools must emphasize on the minority sections of the society while selecting candidates for admission in law schools. The council aims to bring into the forefront the minority sections of the society. Thus the students who belong to the minority sections have an added advantage when it comes to the admission in the law schools. Such individuals need to take advantage of the situation and reach up for the opportunity at hand. This process ensures that there are sufficient numbers of attorneys even from the backward communities.

Another underrated criteria for choosing your law school is its location points out A. Harrison Barnes. It is an observed fact that academic performance of many students depends on where the institution is located. Some show improved performances in urban set-ups, whereas others are comfortable in the rural areas. Moreover it might so happen that the weather of the area is not very suitable for you. Though it is not necessary that the weather in your school environment needs to make your soul sing, it should definitely not be a factor that bogs it down.

Reputation of the school is an influencing factor in your career at some points says A. Harrison Barnes. The governmental agencies do not bother about the law schools attended by the attorneys or associates; however, this is particularly important if you are studying in an institution away from your area of practice. This is because coming from a school in a remote area which nobody has heard of could damage your chances while hunting for a top job.

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