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People all over the world are becoming more experimental when it comes to career options. They are no longer restricted to the traditional jobs of a doctor, engineer or law. The women on the other hand were considered more suitable for the jobs of a teacher or other government post. The trend of changing jobs frequently was also not very common among the people in the past.

In the past people from the age group of 25- 60, used to spend their entire career in a single office until retirement. Today says A. Harrison Barnes the CEO of, that people switching from one job to the other is not very unusual. The students after graduating from their colleges choose unconventional career options these days. At the same time the medicos, attorneys and engineers no longer hold respectable position in the society. In the age of globalization, information and technology, these unconventional career options are increasingly being accepted by the society. The newly launched career options are extremely attractive, at the same time are not as crowded and competitive as that of the traditional and mainstream job options.

The jobs of a content developer, radio jockey, disc jockey, jewelry designer, food reviewing, event management, sports management, gaming and coffee tasting, aroma therapy, blogging, freelance writing, gardening, and lantern making are some of the alluring and unconventional career options, says A. Harrison Barnes. The hospitality industry is inclusive of entertaining disk jockeys, those skilled, professional and proficient is jockeying can make good fortune out of it. An expert gamer can create innovative games for capturing attention of the youth as well as the game lovers of any age group. A radio jockey is capable of increasing popularity of a radio station. All a job seeker needs to do is maintain a positive outlook and not get bogged up by his past failures, says A. Harrison Barnes. The candidate must recognize and sharpen his skills and talents to reach new heights in his career.

Unconventional career choices especially in the entertainment industry are booming these days says A. Harrison Barnes. With talent and dedication, it is not very difficult to make your mark in the entertainment industry. If you have a niche for singing a tune, you can choose to be a singer. Now-a -days with increase in the number of singing reality shows, it has made singing one of the most lucrative career choices. Moreover, apart from the entertainment industry, the singers may also be employed in cruise ships, hotels, churches and schools.

If you are hungry for fame and money, you can choose to be an actor says A. Harrison Barnes. Good actors can get into Hollywood. In the beginning of your career, it is an excellent idea to attend workshops and seminars to sharpen your acting skills. You can also get into acting schools as a teacher and impart acting qualities to youngsters.

People who have a niche for a creative capability to translate a picture in your head into reality through team work and precise instructions can opt to become a director. As a director, you will be responsible for directing films, television shows and videos. In Hollywood, you get opportunities to fund your own projects, says A. Harrison Barnes. Apart from schools, the directors are also employable in churches, corporations, schools and city governments.

People with the inclination to swing to a tune, can take up dancing as their career. They can earn their living as backup dancer in a music video. You can also perform stage shows all over the world and earn accolades from millions of audiences.

These are some of the career options that over the years, have garnered significant interest and popularity, for these unconventional career options provide an exciting life ahead. A go-getter attitude, long term planning ability, perseverance, and positive attitude can help you to choose your career option and excel in the particular field of career. You can choose your unconventional careers from among your hobbies and interests. Job seekers, who are reluctant about the mainstream job options, usually go for the unconventional career options, says A. Harrison Barnes the CEO of

People who have the courage to listen to their heart, opts for the unconventional careers. There are also many training institutes, providing training in these eccentric fields of career says A. Harrison Barnes. In order to shape a successful career, it is very important that he maintains a firm belief about himself and listen to his heart. Initially getting training in these unconventional fields were not very easy, the situation has improved a lot in the current situation. The job opportunities in these fields have also increased these days. A patient attitude can help you to reach the pinnacle of success in the unconventional career of your choice.

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