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One common thing that lies at the root of any successful organization or business venture is marketing. No matter how good a product or service is without proper and apt marketing the organization or the venture is more than doomed to fail. As A Harrison Barnes puts it this way; Marketing is the underlying definition to the distinct features and the advantages inherent in a particular product or service. Thereon again it is marketing that helps to set the price of it and last but not the least, make the final delivery of the sold goods to the customers.

Now the question is how you market yourself when it comes to job search. The present market is a job hunting arena in which only those individuals can emerge as the most successful ones who can manage to understood and thereon grasp the true value of marketing. The idea is that a job seeker needs to sense the nerve of the enigma of marketing that has lead to the unprecedented success of a number of organizations, pick them and apply them for their own personal score. In fact the most successful of the job seekers are those who borrow the principles of famous companies that they have used to sell their products for years and use them for their own benefit. Now the question how to do it?

According to A Harrison Barnes It is important to know how you can recognize, use and apply the key marketing concepts and principles in order to position yourself better in the job market. This applies to anything and everything irrespective of the fact whether you are looking for a new job in some new company or a promotion with the current company.

A Harrison Barnes further says that to get off one primary misconception, you have to get it straight, “Marketing is not Sales!” Sales are just a small compartment in the paradigm of marketing. is there not just help you sell yourself better on the job market but also expose yourself to the broader aspects of the market so that you can discover yourself as a proper product or brand. You will also come to know how to use a number of tools of marketing beyond the arena of sales to get hold of the job that you actually deserve.

You have to start by understanding the various marketing terms that are typical to this arena as that will help you get a better grasp on the primary concepts of marketing.

Thereon you need to ask yourself a number of questions like,

Where have you been?
Where are you standing right now?
Where will your career head if you do nothing?
Where do you want to proceed with your career?
How will you get there where you aspire to go?
How will you convert your plan into action steps?
What changes will you make in your plan in case you are not meeting success?

You should start by uncovering and comprehending on the trends in your career at the same time gathering information on the companies that you would like to work with. This is termed as market research and this is something that is indispensable to your success.

A Harrison Barnes says that marketing is all about 2 very important and value-loaded “P”s. They are PRODUCT and PROMOTION.

Well in this entire scenario, who is the product? Well you are the product. So what you need to do is sit and jot down all your special characteristics, skills and features that will make you unique as a professional. This should include your work experience, professional memberships, leadership qualities and experiences. What you basically need to do is identify a set of possible competitive advantages upon which to build a position. This will be your Unique Selling Proposition, the USP.

The next point that A Harrison Barnes mentions is that of promotion. He says that the strength of your promotion tools is the most significant and vital part of your career that decides on the marketing mix. Promotion tools are anything that you may use to get an interview and promotion should include cover letters, resumes, phone calling, and interviewing. The most important part is to properly communicate your benefits to the employer and only then can you expect to taste success. Good luck in your job search!

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