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Positive thinking is important. But it gains higher importance when it involves a job search in the face of losing your current employment.

What kind of work you are looking at and what you intend doing with your career from this point onwards is what really matters.

Why Was I Fired?

It is natural to feel anger and unhappiness towards your employer and the management. However, it pays immensely to invest some time in active relaxation and acceptance of your situation. This will also help you think calmly about what to do next and how to go about looking for a new job.

It helps to keep in mind that firing an employee is not a desired option for an employer; in fact, for most employers and human resources professionals, this is one of the most unpleasant moments.

How can anyone remain positive in the face of being fired? How do you stop yourself from drawing conclusions regarding your termination?

Drawing Conclusions

A person can be fired for several reasons, one of which could be incompetence on the worker’s part. However, a company that has invested considerably in a candidate in the form of training, for example, will not like to let her or him go unless totally unavoidable. It could be that the company is facing a severe revenue crunch and just has to ask some people to leave.

Whatever the reason, it is important to deal with your termination in a positive manner.

It helps to speak of your prior employment without negativity, even if it does involve aspects like mean co-workers or supervisors.

To look at the situation in a very objective manner, maybe the company you worked with was not the best one for you, or the work you were doing was not the best you were capable of. Talking of a higher purpose, it isn’t about being the best at whatever you do. It is definitely not only about being the best manager, the best father, or the best swimmer. A higher purpose constantly propels you towards accomplishing more than you set out to do initially. Sooner or later, every professional realizes the need to define and set a purpose higher than what they set out for themselves.

Working towards this higher purpose provides us with the motivation necessary to go on working on the same task day in and out.

Gather Your Strengths

Once you overcome the initial phase of trying to justify your termination – even to yourself- it is time to look at how to rebuild.

Begin at the very beginning. If necessary, brew your self a cup of coffee and open up that resume you have been dreading to look at.

Spend some time rearranging your experience. Doing this will help you remember events of crisis, challenges, and even moments of significance. All of us participate, willingly or unwillingly, in events that can change the shape of things for us, our co-workers, or the company that we are working for.

Think of such moments and events and what you learnt from them. You may not have realized then, but it is difficult times that teach you to be resourceful. They also help you pick up new skills; skills that may unwittingly help you excel in your job hunt and that new job!

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