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Legal profession has been one of the most conventional and time tested careers throughout the ages. Not only is it a prestigious occupation, it is also one of the most financially rewarding professions. In the present job market scenario, the legal profession is considered to be one of the most lucrative careers. Even those who are not directly practicing law through the role of an attorney or judge, draw A. Handsome and enviable amount as salary from this legal profession.

The students who are aspiring to become a legal professional, are required to identify their field of interest says A. Harrison Barnes the CEO of The legal profession is a broad umbrella term that encompasses several other specialized fields into it. For a career in the legal profession, the students can choose from family law, criminal law, labor law, civil law, international law, corporate law, and contract law. Social status and high earnings are some of the hallmarks of this profession. If you want to get into one of the most noble and elite professions, you need to have sharp analytical, interpersonal, and communication skills. A. Harrison Barnes states that the students, who are interested in offering social services and take part in the activities of charitable institutions, have a definite edge to join the legal profession. The attorneys and lawyers must be extremely loyal and dedicated to their profession. They must ensure that justice is meted out to all and denied not even to the poorest section of the society.

In this age of globalization, the career prospects of the legal professionals have increased all the more. The lawyers today have no problem in coming in contact with the international institutions and law firms spread out over different parts of the globe. In today’s world where news travels faster than light, partnership, alliance, consolidation, mergers and acquisitions with the institutions overseas have become very common says A. Harrison Barnes. Those involved with legal jobs are required to meet new challenges everyday and engage their problem solving abilities to excel in their legal profession. The lawyers posses certain power and authorities which are not possessed by the common civilians, these can be utilized to handle emergency situations. The attorneys should by no means utilize their powers for aggrandizement of their own interest. Catering to the needs of the civilians and providing them with legal assistance must be the sole aim of the lawyers. It is very important that the attorneys adhere to the ethical code of conduct. Law is indispensable to maintain order in the society. Law of a particular state sees to it that the civilians are not feeling insecure in their homeland or foreign countries. The legal field is undergoing massive changes under the influence of international pressure, political upheavals, technological changes and ethical standardizations. Those aspiring to become attorneys must be abreast with the latest happenings around him or her, says A. Harrison Barnes.

Educational qualification for becoming a legal professional:

The first thing you must obtain in order to become a legal professional is a bachelor’s degree. There are countless number of law colleges and universities providing a major course in pre-law. The school entry level exam, LSLAT needs to be cleared. You can also gain access to a law school having other degrees as well says A. Harrison Barnes. The applicants applying for law colleges are required to clear the admission tests to get into the law colleges. The law school or college you are entering must be certified by the bar association. The law school provides different contracts or courses like that of constitutional law, property law and criminal law. After attaining the degree of a jurist doctor, you need to approach the ABA institution and get licensed by them. You may also obtain a master’s degree in law, but if you want to become a legal professor, it is important that you know that most of the elite institutions prefer a jurist doctorate. The power of your resume increases and your job prospects get better when you get a second graduate degree. If you aspire to become a law professor, you need to be experienced in the field you wish to teach. It will be a tough job for you to take up because it is a subject that you do not specialize in says A. Harrison Barnes. You need to prepare a professional resume before applying for the job of a legal professor. To increase your chances, you can also write articles for various magazines related to law.

The legal profession has withstood the period of recession quite well and has even worked its way around such obstacles to provide several opportunities to start a career. A. Harrison Barnes feels that the profession will continue to flourish in the following years.

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