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How to prepare to relocate to a new job

Relocating as part of Your Job Search

Many of us have relocated at least once or more during our professional lives. How do you decide whether you need a change in career or a change in location? Some of the more common relocation reasons can be personal. These could include wanting to move out of a particular state for lifestyle reasons, such as avoiding extreme cold weather or the need to be closer to family and friends.

Other reasons could include not being able to find adequate job satisfaction or career fulfillment in the state of your residence.

Need a Change in Career?

This is a difficult decision to make and one that should involve a certain amount of research. Ideally, you should have a fairly compelling reason to change your career before you decide to take the leap and move out. This is important to avoid getting caught in a bind where you do not like your new career but can no longer move back into the old one.

Look at the following points:

o Getting Better Pay: Will your compensation be higher in the new place/career?

o Better Work Prospects: Are you relocating for improved job benefits? Maybe you are finally getting to do the kind of work you were looking for, all this while

o Better Colleagues at the New Workplace: You probably considered a senior as your ideal and harbored a wish of wanting to work with him/her someday. Are your new colleagues or the new boss people you always wanted to work with?

Relocating for a Better Life

o A Better Lifestyle: Will the new place promise you a better lifestyle? Consider this in terms of a work-life balance, work profile, and compensation. For example, someone in a sales job may strive for a more stable work profile and thus look at relocation.

o Lower Cost of Living: Some states are more expensive to live in. This includes cost of essentials such as grocery, milk, and infant food. Certain essentials such as clothing and housing also cost more in certain areas. This may work as a trigger to relocate to more affordable surroundings.

o Shorter Commute: Many of us travel a considerable distance to work everyday. This can include drives of more than an hour at times. You may consider relocation for the sheer convenience of working from closer to home. This proves indispensable if it matches your expectations in the form of a dream career as well.

o Children’s School: Even if you have dedicated transport for your children, you may want to consider moving closer to their school. This works wonderfully for younger children who may need more of your attention at times. You may be able to look after them better, while still keeping your job.

o Better Support System: If you are a single parent, you will require a strong support system, including day care etc. for your children. If in addition, you have pets, you might want somebody to look after your pet as well. You may require housekeeping services and these may be better in the new area. If these services match with your professional goals, you may want to relocate.

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