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The LSAT examination is an important test to consider if you are considering legal employment as your ultimate career choice. The LSAT or the Law School Admission Test is undertaken by the Law School Admission Council or LSAC for prospective candidates of law schools. The LSAT is taken 4 times a year and is an integral part of all law schools that are ABA (American Bar Association) approved.

This test is also required in legal jobs for the assessment of logical and verbal reasoning skills. A. Harrison Barnes, CEO of, feels that if you want to excel as an attorney, you must go for the LSAT. To prepare for LSAT, it is necessary to be familiar with all the aspects.

What is the Test like?

There are 4 scored sections of the LSAT, with an un-scored writing section and an un-scored experimental section. Any test prep guide will be able to provide simulated test papers for practice. Each section listed below comprises of 5 multiple choice sections to be completed in 35 minutes.

Logical Reasoning: This is an important part of LSAT feels Barnes, with two sections known as LR or ‘arguments’. Each question is patterned in the form of a paragraph and presents a brief set of facts or an argument. This is followed by a prompt asking the candidate to locate the assumption of the argument, alternate conclusion, errors or logical omissions, or to select an alternative argument that has a parallel reasoning, or identify a statement that would render an argument strong or weak.

Reading Comprehension: This section, A Harrison Barnes reveals, comprises 4 passages of 400 to 500 words each devoted to law, humanities, arts and social and physical sciences respectively. Every passage contains 5 to 8 questions spanning the author’s intention, passage related information, textual inferences and passage structure.

Analytical Reasoning: Also known as the logic games section, this part consists of 4 different games like matching, grouping and ordering of elements. You are given a setup and rules and then asked for an inference. Barnes’ advice is to do your best to sharpen your skills out here.

Un-scored Section: It is important to excel in this section as other than contributing to your overall scores, it tests new questions for future examinations. The examinee’s performance in this section is not reported in the final scores. According to A Harrison Barnes, this is one of the first 3 in any given lawyer job test. He also advises you to be alert as it will help you to identify the experimental section.

Writing Sample: This is the final section of the LSAT and provides the applicant with a problem and criteria for making a decision in the paralegal jobs. The subject is generally a mundane one.

How to take the test?

Taking the test is a different ball game to simply being familiar with the structure of the test. The most important aspect is to learn how to best utilize the time available to answer the questions. Some proven test-taking techniques include eliminating as many wrong answers as possible before choosing your response and learning to pace yourself during more difficult questions.  The test prep guides will guide you on these strategies.

Most importantly, it is all about practice. Your LSAT score will be in proportion to the hard work you put in for it in terms of the number of dummy tests taken. This also provides an opportunity to put the test-taking strategies into practice. Further, it helps identify your weaknesses and strengths which can be resolved with specific test-taking strategies that address your individual needs.

Specific Skills

The LSAT can be difficult if you aren’t familiar with this type of test.  Again, all A Harrison Barnes advocates is to practice, practice, practice!  As you answer sample questions, you’ll start understanding how to answer these types of questions in the minimal time. Practice also reduces the fear of the exam itself and if you are not nervous, you are bound to perform at your peak. So time spent in practice is a good investment! There are also mock tests, tutorials and coaching centers available for sharpening your skills, says A Harrison Barnes.

What are your Prospects?

In the words of A Harrison Barnes, the LSAT exam is an objective and standardized test to gauge the viability of the applicants for a legal career. This is why it is important to invest much effort on your LSAT exam as it can significantly affect your performance, and eventually shape your future. Although the undergraduate scores can differ, you should aim at the higher ranks for being selected by prestigious law firms.

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