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A lot of people are facing layoffs from legal firms, since the economic downturn, with the markets crashing. Well, is there anything you can do for increasing your marketability? The answer is a ‘yes’. In fact, there are plenty to do out there which we overlook in the beginning. Being jobless may be frustrating and what is more pathetic is the feeling that there is nothing you can do to change your present situation and that increases your stress levels. BCG Attorney Search is the largest legal recruiting firm in the US. It is headed by A Harrison Barnes who believes in the power of endeavor and thus recommends his website BCG Attorney Search.

What is done cannot be undone and the best solution is to stay focused on the future. There have been a lot of attorneys who have left their job after getting laid off in the initial months of their practice. Attorneys graduating from the top 25 law schools of the US have moved on to become waiters, sales persons, boutique openers, garbage men and trainee pizza assistants. While there is nothing wrong with these jobs, A Harrison Barnes stresses on the fact that the choices had been wrong in case they were taken up with the perception that attorney jobs were not available or they had nothing to offer.

It is a noticed trend that attorneys who give up, often come from reputed law firms. The general perception is that they do not want to practice if they are not working in a prestigious firm. This thinking according to A Harrison Barnes is severely flawed as here what was lacking was the right approach.

Increasing Marketability: Steps to Adopt

First and foremost, make sure to think from the geographical perspective. The legal market has been the worst affected and hence it is important to relocate to a place that has more available opportunities. The strange thing with a lot of attorneys is that they often give up on practice owing to lack of available opportunities in their state. A Harrison Barnes tells us that this is not the procedure to adopt as it reduces employment opportunities.

Job markets contract over a period of time, and most don’t retain their former glory. While Silicon Valley or Seattle may not return to their lost days, it is best not to let geographical location affect our choices. You had been to a law school for a specific purpose, and of course location should not influence your career choice. In case of problems, contact the legal recruiters at BCG Attorney Search for a suitable solution.

Secondly, it is an intelligent choice to aim lower. This is the recession and it is best not to have great expectations. With large firms freezing their recruitment, it may make sense to opt for less prestigious names. According to A Harrison Barnes, smaller organizations are in the growth process and may not be like larger companies facing financial strains. Additionally, on economic recovery, your CV will look better for working somewhere instead of remaining unemployed. While you can thus gather experience, your expertise can even help the firm grow.

Thirdly, look for government clerkships which are often considered the fortes of fresh attorneys. It helps add to the marketability of the attorney and is a common trend among law students. A Harrison Barnes of BCG Attorney Search tells you that with tough competition, you can help enhance your experience and impress the judge in your tenure as a government clerk. Other than being employed, you can even learn everything about the state judiciary which will help when you are looking for a new law firm opportunity or a local prosecutor office job.

Finally, your law school record may be superb, but you can always go back to proceed your law education. LLM degrees may not be for all but they have proved to be ideal for attorneys who can locate them in the right situations, all the more so if you have an unimpressive law school record. Attorneys of intellectual property, according to A Harrison Barnes, can better their prospects by obtaining a degree in natural science or engineering.

BCG Attorney Search offers help in this regard by placing associates in the premier law firms. It was started in 2000 by A Harrison Barnes for helping professionals locate suitable jobs and work with chosen candidates. Ultimately, it is best to prove yourself through your career, and for this you should know where to start from. Nothing could be better than BCG Attorney Search.

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