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Today, there are more than 40,000 job sites available to job seekers. Apart from these job sites there are numerous government websites that have jobs available on them; thousands of newspapers with job classified sections online and also almost 100,000 companies’ websites that have job openings on them. But having access to all these is not possible for job seekers.

The job seeker uses only traditional ways to look for jobs that suit them the best. These people eventually do not end up with quality job results. They either register with any job portal or look in the classified sections of the newspaper’s website but these do not help them much for they miss many job openings that are available in the market. A. quality job is only possible with, created and owned by A. Harrison Barnes. This site comes as a great help for the applicants or job seekers who are searching for good quality jobs.

This site is not used by many for their job search as this is a paid website. Only serious job seekers come on this website. Hence, competition is low and there are bright chances of you getting your dream job. A. Harrison Barnes says that other job boards wait for the employers to come and publish the job openings on their site. For every job opening that is to be posted they charge employers with a huge amount of fees. Since the jobs available on these sites are accessed by all free members, the applications for these jobs are also higher and this reduces one’s chance of being employed. is different in this respect as they research all the jobs that are available in the market, collect and lists them on their database. They collect jobs from various sources like employer sites, association websites and government websites and also form other places which are most likely to have job openings. These jobs are only available to their registered clients. Since they have fewer clients, the applications for these jobs are fewer in number that results in increased chances of the applicant to get the job.

Whereas other job portals wait for the employers to come up to them. Employment is different in this respect as they move up to different places where job openings are available and collect it for their clients. Thus, according to A. Harrison Barnes, one has access to all the jobs that are there in the job market. They don’t charge any fee from the employer but instead they charge money from the applicants for whom they spend hundreds of dollars just to search jobs from every possible place. Their effort increases the chances of the applicants getting hired.

Getting a job through Employment is definitely easier than any other job portal. One can even try for free seven days trial to search for the job And they can be definite on grabbing a job within seven days. Many continue with EmploymentCrossing just to be updated with the job market.

One may believe that they can easily do what the Employment Crossing does and feels that they are wasting money by registering here. But they don’t understand that getting access to all the jobs in the market is not possible by a single person. The hard work that the team members of A. Harrison Barnes’s Employment puts in to search for every job is not easy to be replicated by an individual. How can one try looking for the job on each and every job portal, on every newspaper classified section, on every association website, every government websites and many other places? They are unaware of the statistics that exist at present.

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