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Often in the midst of a job search, the opportunity to find a great position presents itself to the job seeker. If you aren’t paying attention, you could end up rushing yourself into employment, and, as a result, find yourself in a bad position. A bad position could be one that is not desirable to you; it fails to challenge you or maybe you are overqualified for it. Avoiding this pitfall is simple with careful consideration of available positions and discovering your own definition of a good position.

Determining a Good Position’s Definition

Defining a good position depends on the individual. Make a list of your wants in a job, as well as your requirements. These may include:

* Salary that allows you to maintain your lifestyle
* Flexible hours (for parents with small children this can be of importance)
* Advancement opportunities
* Alignment with personal professional goals

Once you have written down what you would like to receive from a job position, you will be able to use that list to determine your definition of a good position. Generally, there are specific benefits that, if offered by a position, will automatically cause that position to be deemed as good. For example, a company that offers a healthcare plan to its employees would be appealing to many applicants. Deciding on the position that best fits you is more personal. A good position may allow you to spend more time with your family or help you build skills and gain knowledge in your chosen field. Once you know what a good position means to you, you can begin seeking it out.

Finding a Good Position

Obtaining that good job position only requires your determination and attention to detail. Begin by locating companies that offer positions of interest to you and live up to your definition of a good position. Find out as much as you can about the company and the position requirements before applying. Don’t let a “Not currently hiring” notice throw you off; positions are constantly opening up and you will be at the top of the candidates’ list if you’ve made your interest in working with that particular company known.

Obtaining a Good Position

Review your current skills and qualifications to help you decide if they are enough to get you the job you want. If not, take steps towards meeting position requirements. You may need to enroll in a college course or take a simple training program. Then, get your resume, references and cover letters in order and onto the employer’s desk.

Moving Up in the Work World

If your current job is lacking and you want to move into a better position, there are a few things to consider. First, is the better position available within your current company and field? If so, it may be easier to achieve than you think. Speak with your employer and find out what it would take for you to gain that position. Would you need to further your education or put in extra work to prove yourself? If you need to make a career move, do a self assessment to determine what your expectations are from your new job. This will go a long way in helping you apply for the right job.

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