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For a number of years now, people from all fields and industries are using a basic tool to search for jobs that suits their requirements. They are preparing portfolios to make their job search more effective. Creating a portfolio is the on going trend. It helps you get the most suitable job that too in your very own field. A career portfolio includes everything from your qualifications to your skills, you accomplishments to your experience that you have gained till date and so on. It is a complete description of what you are and how capable you are of performing the given task. It speaks volumes of the potential in you which can help you reach a successful position in your career.

It is the best job hunting tool available to the job seekers or to the recruiters. The traditional portfolio is the most commonly used one but if anyone has access to website space then you can create an online web-based portfolio. It can help you more than what your resume and cover letter can. You can use it at a job interview to present the skills and experience that you have and the way it will help the employer once you join them. A. Harrison Barnes, who owns, has some tips for you that will help you develop a good job search portfolio for yourself. He will tell you, from his experience, about the key elements that are to be kept in mind while designing the portfolio.

A good portfolio can help employees develop an excellent marketing tool, which will help create an impression on the employer. This will ultimately influence the employee’s selection. According to A. Harrison Barnes, these career portfolios also help re-entry workers or the existing employees with their lateral or vertical movements in their careers. These portfolios, not only work as marketing tools but also work as databases of your professional achievements.

Career consultants and vocational counselors believe the same as A. Harrison Barnes; they recommend building a career portfolio. They understand that this is a very important job search tool that helps job seekers to have an upper hand in a competitive job market. Once you have decided to move on in your job try prepare a good portfolio that will benefit your career. But the biggest question is what should be the format of the job search portfolio and what it should include.

Creating a good job portfolio does take time but it will give you the results you are waiting for if you ensure that it is updates regularly. This can be done very easily. You just need to make sure that the format is proper and data has been entered in an organized way. The format and the organization of the portfolio are very important. A. Harrison Barnes suggests that you should add tabs or dividers or tables to separate the different sections of the portfolio.

A portfolio should include content that speaks about you as a competent professional. But with time you can even choose to remove the phased out information and add new lines to the career portfolio. Initially you have to start with the development of the portfolio. Once complete you have to gather the content that is to be placed in the portfolio, write it and assemble it accordingly with the format given. This will give you a professional portfolio which will help you further in your career says A. Harrison Barnes.

Some of the basic categories are:

Career Synopsis and Vision: A brief update about yourself and your future goals.

Traditional Resume: A small update about what one has achieved till date – your academic and professional qualification and achievements along with your work experience. All should be placed in a chronological or functional format.

Your Capabilities: A complete profile of your skills and experiences should be properly presented in this section. It should give all the details about your skills picked up till date and the end result with their implementation. They could be related to your behavior, knowledge, or background.

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